MR All Trades Plastering Division Covers

Mr All Trades can both rectify and modify the look of your walls using years of experience in plastering, your walls may have been previously damaged and we can fix that.
The plastering team can sort out your walls before they are going to be wallpapered or painted.
The purpose of plastering is to improve the aesthetic of the walls and prevent any bumps in the wallpaper or in the paint.

The plaster provides a solid surface for building interiors. Plastering is the easiest method to add design or texture to a room without toying around with more complex, unreliable painting techniques. The outcome of plastering is quite outstanding, and has amazing decorative appeal, the quotesman who has reached out to you will have multiple designs and colours for you to choose from if you do not already have a pre-decided one at hand.

Aswell as being an attractive feature to a homely house-hold plastered walls are actually very long-lasting and extremely durable. When made, the chemical reaction produced when the water evaporates from the plaster mix makes the walls a lot harder and a lot stronger.

Mr All Trades offer the best wall plastering mix.

Mr All Trades has the plastering trade covered, one of our quotesmen can advise you on what touches your walls need and will help you work around your budget.