Incase of a plumbing emergency take account of all valid points made below; please call us incase of emergencies before problems scour further.
0161 437 0938

  • If your toilet is clogged you can use a force cup plunger commonly found in most local shops and convenient stores.
  • If a problem prevails with your gas water heater turn the switch to what is referred to as the "pilot" position; face upwards 12'oclock, this will turn the heater off.
  • Isolator valves foud at each fixture will stop the flow of all water to that location. The works effectively because it allows water to continue servicing the remainder of the house whilst the original leak is being repaired. It is recommended that you turn off and back on each valve at least once a year to keep them in ideal working condition.
  • Threaded connections need to be covered with teflon tape to seal any leaks from these connections. General duct tape and leak sealing tape can also help seal some connections until a permanent fixture can be made.
  • Rags and heavy duty paper towels are perfect for cleaning up water from the smaller minute leaks.
  • Cup plungers can be used for small drains like lavatory sinks, bath tubs and showers. Forced cup plungers are fitted with a funnel that can apply extra force down the drain, this is perfect for sinks and toilets.
  • If your drain keeps flooding and you believe has a blockage a quick solution is pouring acidic products down it, baking soda, coca cola and vinegar are all high in acid and will more than likely clear your drain for the mean-time.
  • Bath tubs blockages will not be able to be attended to unless you unscrew the chrome cap; once the piece of metal is removed the whole drain will be exposed.
Incase of an emergency proceed to follow the tips above if they fit your advocacy, after doing so feel free to call us on 0161 437 0938 ; Mr All Trades can provide a more permanent fix.